Introduction to Crystals

unduhan (40)Crystals can either form in a few minutes or many years under immense pressure.

The many crystals we see are formed by extremely small blocks of atoms. Salt is one of the simple forms of crystal that is made from chlorine and sodium atoms. If one could look at the salt crystal under a microscope he can be able to see it looking like a small cube.

Crystals come in multiple forms other than the cubes. For example, amethysts and rubies are in triangular in shape. Their unit cells are more complicated than in salt and they have a different shape. Atoms will attach themselves together in a regular pattern that you can see the crystals.

One form of crystal is quartz – believed by many to possess a certain kind of power that may bring some sort of magic. The functionality is time and again associated with the utilization in metaphysics and chakra healing. Quartz are also patented with the healing and magical property utilization in science and electronics. Quartz can come in different sizes, shape and indications. The most commonly used crystals by humans

Choosing The Best Vintage Style Necklaces For Your Collection

Fashion-vintage-elephant-necklace-Vintage-necklaces-Jewelry-wholesale-for-women-CRYSTAL-SHOP-M13Most people who are new to the vintage style of fashion find it very difficult to identify genuine vintage jewelry items. Many buyers have ended up disappointed after realizing that they paid good money for items that were essentially worthless. Before you end up with items that are really reproductions, it is a good idea to get as much information as you can about vintage jewelry. Do some research about the type of pieces you are looking for and find out the difference between antique, vintage, reproduction, and statement jewelry.

Determine what you want

When you decide to invest in vintage jewelry, you need to know that there are many options to choose. The fact is that you can get almost any style that suits your taste and personality. If you decide to buy online vintage style necklaces wholesale, you can find pieces that will suit any occasion. Determine if you are looking for jewelry pieces from a specific era or you want items designed for occasions. In the past, jewelry items were created for specific occasions and

The World of Fashion Jewellery and Its Types

unduhan (39)Fashion jewellery are of different types. The prize of these fashion accessories vary depending on its makers. In order for you to look stylish it is vital that you choose jewellery that suits you with respect to the age and your personality. It is also important to consider the occasion in which the jewellery is worn. Some traditional jewellery are always in vogue and are considered classics. These would never go out of style. It is also vital that you consider the size of the earring you wear which has to be proportionate to the wearer’s face size.

Jewellery can come in different shapes and sizes and they can be of different types as well. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and finger rings are a few different types of jewellery. Earrings can be of different kinds like drops, hoops, studs and chandeliers. A different kind of jewellery that is not as expensive as metals is the costume jewellery. These can be made using inexpensive material like wood, plastic as well as shells. You can even find costume jewellery plated with silver and gold which gives you a trendy look and

Tips On Buying And Storing Wholesale Charms

unduhan (38)Wholesale charms will save you a lot of money if you make jewelry items for personal use, to give as gifts, or to sell. When you buy wholesale charms the pieces will cost less so the final product will have cost less to produce.

Buying Wholesale Charms Online

Find an online merchant that carries the type of charms that you are interested in buying. You can type the words “wholesale charms online” into the search box of your favorite internet browser to begin a general search.

You can narrow your search by putting in wooden charms, or metal charms. This will give the search engine more information so it can determine what websites will be most likely to have the items you are searching for.

When you find the suppliers that carry the items you like then you need to compare three to five of the suppliers and determine which one has the right merchandise, at the right price. You compare online suppliers by checking to see how much each charm is priced. Some of the things to consider when comparing suppliers are:

• How much the supplier

The Beauty Of Fake Pearl Jewelry

unduhan (37)Pearl jewelry has long symbolized class and sophistication. Only the wealthiest people had the finances to purchase a string of matching natural pearls that were priced for their low production. Once cultured pearls became available, owning pearls became an option available to more women. Today, imitation, man-made or simulated pearls are available for use in jewelry to provide wearers with a cheap alternative to the other options they have in jewelry.

Simulated Pearls

There are a number of ways that manmade pearls are made. One of these is from fish scales. In water, these scales have a pearly appearance from a substance that floats to the surface of the water. When the substance is mixed with varnish, it can be used to coat glass beads on the inside and then they are filled with wax to make simulated pearls.

A more popular way of making simulated pearls for pearl jewelry is by coating the outside of plastic or glass beads with pearl or d’orient powder. Plastic beads are first tumbled in wet powdered pumice to smooth the surface before being dipped into a solution of pearl

How to Make a Beaded Necklace

unduhan (36)A beaded necklace! Well making it can be much easier than you think it is. Here’s how.

Step 1

Look for wire, possibly stainless steel, coated with nylon. Or you can look for silk cords, which come in several different varieties of colors and thicknesses.

Step 2

Before you cut in to your string, check the length of your necklace with an extra 4-8 inches. Make sure you have enough to clasp the stringing materials.

Step 3

Now add 2 crimp beads, 1 clasp and the beads to build the necklace to it.

Step 4

Now put on the beads on the threading material. First use a tiny bead, followed by a crimping bead and thereby followed by other beads in one inch gaps.

Step 5

One end of the clasp is to be placed after the crimp bead, making a loop with the stringing material.

Step 6

Now you have to place the end of the stringing material, through the clasp, followed by the bead-crimp-bead situation, followed by using the crimping tool/chain to put the beads

Creative Bracelet Clasps To Give Your Jewelry A Unique Look

images (39)No matter which type of bracelet you are going to create, clasps are an integral element that you will be using in your creation. Today, you can find bracelet clasps in a variety of sizes, shapes and even colors. When making a bracelet, bringing both the ends to a secure close is utmost important, but you must also keep in mind that the clasps you use don’t have to serve functional purpose only.

There are many designs and types of bracelet clasps you can use. Previously, clasps were made for functional purpose only. They looked boring and people would always try to hide them as they would spoil the look of the bracelet. This problem doesn’t exist anymore because nowadays clasps are designed to enhance the overall look of the bracelet.

You can choose from many different types of clasps. But in this article, we will take a look at some of the creative types of bracelet clasps available which can give your jewelry a unique look.

Ribbon clasps

You can make your own ribbon clasps when

Costume Jewelry Care Guide

Costume-jewellery-9For thousands of years costume jewelry has been very popular around the world. It is widely believed that the Egyptian Cleopatra was one of the original wearers of what we in modern times call costume jewelry.

Designing intricate patterns in glass beads in more recent times is a skill that was highly developed by the people of Germanic and Slovak regions.

Beadwork in costume jewelry is not limited to only glass. It is also often created with non-precious metals with or without stones or beads. This metal is silver or gold-plated to give it the fine jewelry look.

A very large variety of other materials are used. You can find costume jewelry that is entirely made of or has some components made from pottery, ceramic, horn, coral, ivory, tortoiseshell, pearls and the list goes on.

In more modern pieces you will find plastics, nylon, and polycarbonate variants used to make beads and stones.

Whether you like to collect antique, period, or contemporary costume jewelry cleaning your pieces regularly is important to protect your collection. Cleaning

How to Identify Real Sterling Silver Jewelry From Silver Plating

unduhan (35)Sterling silver is a type of metal used to manufacture jewelry, tableware and other items. But since pure silver is too soft to manipulate on its own, it is normally mixed with other metals that are more durable, such as copper and nickel. For a certain item to be considered as true sterling silver, it should be at least.925 pure silver, and the remaining.075 may consist of other types of metals.

Sometimes a particular item have an overlay of real silver on top of other non-silver metal. This is referred to as silver plating and it isn’t considered sterling silver. The silver coating will be worn away in years of use, exposing the metal underneath which is lesser quality.

So if you are thinking of investing on sterling silver jewelry or want to get one as a gift for your loved one, keep in mind the following guidelines to determining true sterling silver from silver plated:

1. The first thing you have to look for when you are identifying genuine sterling silver is the authenticating mark. When true silver is created, often it is engraved with

Choosing The Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring, A Simple Guide

unduhan (34)I once walked into a jewelry store and asked the jeweler what he noticed about couples as they browsed the inventory of engagement rings. He told me that the most significant thing he notices is that men are generally much more concerned about the specifics of the stone (carat, color, clarity and cut) and the women are generally so much more concerned about the setting! Though they want a sparkling stone, the overall look on their hand is what matters the most. With that in mind, here are some helpful things to think about when you are making this very important purchase.

Be observant – Does she currently tend to wear small everyday rings or large ones? Do they rise high off her hand or sit low? The answer to these questions can give you an idea what style of vintage setting she might like most. Many Victorian engagement rings are detailed with hand chased carving and have stones that sit low to the hand in a more subtle manner, while others like some filigree and solitaire settings can have

Information About Egyptian Jewellery

unduhan (33)The legacy of Pharaonic Egypt includes jewelry making, which can be traced as far back as four thousand years ago. Egyptian royalty and aristocracy adorned themselves with necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, headdresses, amulets, and pins inlaid with precious stones and made from solid gold and silver. There were many materials available for jewelry makers, but gold was the first choice and it was used quite extensively for thousands of years. Bronze came next, and it was often used with gold leaf. Some pieces of jewelry were made from metal and ivory. During the Middle Kingdom, worked glass found their way in jewelry making, because they were easier to work with than hard gemstones.

Ordinary citizens of Ancient Egypt were also clad in colorful adornments. They wore accessories made with pottery beads of different colors. Anyone who could afford to buy jewelry wore as many pieces as they possibly could. In Ancient Egypt, wearing bracelets high on the arm was very fashionable, as well as wearing anklets and ring with huge stones. It was customary for women to wear highly adorned hairpins or headbands, and a pair of large

Learning About Different Types Of Earring Hooks

earrings12If you want to make earrings, you will need to buy or make some earring hooks. These components allow you to thread the earrings safely and securely through your piercing hole. If you have used good quality earring hooks, then they will also help to ensure that your earrings sits or hangs correctly, so that it will look the way that you intend it to look. Here is some information about the different types of earring hooks that are available, so you will be able to make an informed choice about what sort of hooks you will need to buy or make for your piece of jewelry.

Fish hooks
These earring hooks are shaped like a fish hook. They slot easily through the piercing hole in the ear and will allow the earring to hang downwards. This type of hook is most commonly used on drop earrings. Because of the length of the hook and the slight curve of the wire, a back section is not usually required for this type of hook. The simplistic design of these components means that

Vintage Jewelry A Guide to Vintage Fashion

unduhan (32)You have just started trying out different types of vintage dresses, and they look perfectly good on you. You’ve already paired them with the prettiest vintage shoes that you’ve bought. Now, it’s time to complete your overall look by searching for some pretty pieces of vintage jewelry. If you love your vintage outfits inspired by various periods, you’ll surely feel the same way about the pieces of jewelry from each era.

Jewelry is worn not just for aesthetic purposes. It is also a means of expressing oneself. Thus, if vintage fashion style defines a big part of who you are, why not make an expounded definition by wearing adorable pieces of vintage jewelry?

The Basics of Vintage Jewelry

Vintage is such a broad term. You have to learn a lot of things if you want to explore the whole idea. As for jewelry, vintage style covers an authentic piece or a newly manufactured one that is vintage-inspired. Here are just a few popular types that you may want to explore:

• Art Deco Jewelry

This type emerged from 1915 to 1935, and is the

Beading Supplies Every Beginner Jewelry Designer Must Have

d46baf238a7dc9c92fc75c13fced330ePractice makes perfect and if you are looking to become a professional jewelry designer, then you must create lots and lots of jewelry pieces. The more your practice, the better you will become at jewelry designing. In addition, you must be very familiar with all the basic beading supplies that you will need. In this article, we will take a look at the beading supplies that every beginner jewelry designer must have.

Pretty beads

You know that beads are the most important part of a beading project. But with so many different types of beads available, you can easily get confused when it comes to choosing. As a beginner, you must aim to invest as little as possible on your beading supplies. So when you are looking for beads, look for the ones that you can easily afford. Pretty beads don’t have to be expensive. You can even find attractive beads made out of plastic, acrylic and glass. These materials are cheaper than others and the beads are available in a plethora of shapes, colors, sizes and styles.


Top 7 Benefits Of Using Acrylic Beads In Jewelry Making

unduhan (31)Acrylic is a synthetic material, but it is quite astonishing as well. Since its discovery in the early 1900s, it has been used in the creation of many things including LCD light systems and fish aquariums. It can be said that acrylic is a versatile plastic which has many uses. In your household, you will find many things that are made of acrylic. Even the artificial nails that you fancy at parties and events are acrylic nails. But, one of the best uses of this material is in the manufacture of beads. With the huge availability of acrylic beads, it has become easy and affordable for people to design jewelry at home.

Acrylic beads are really popular and there are many benefits of using them in jewelry making. In this article, we take a look at the top 7 benefits.

1. Extremely affordable

Because acrylic is a synthetic material which is easy to produce, acrylic beads are extremely affordable. You can buy a pack of 50 beads for as low as $7.99. This amount of beads is enough

Use Sieve Ring Blanks To Make Beautiful Flower Rings

unduhan (30)Flower rings are extremely popular these days among both girls and women. With the huge availability of different types of flower beads, it is quite possible to make your own flower rings at home. All you need to do is follow the steps below and you will have a stunning and absolutely gorgeous ring on your finger within no time.

What you need:

• Flower beads
• Threading material
• Sieve ring blanks
• Size 10 beading needle
• 6 crystal beads
• Set of 6 10 mm small leaves
• Pack of seed beads of different sizes if possible


One of the most beautiful types of flower beads that you can find is hydrangeas. You can look for them online or in your craft store. If you don’t find them, you can use any that you like. Choose the color that you want to use in your ring and get the other supplies ready. You will need adjustable sieve ring blanks so the ring fits well on any finger. Even if you plan to give

Fashion Accessories Online

cheap-jewelryInternet shopping has totally changed the way individuals shop. As more people are encountering the simplicity of web shopping, along these lines of shopping is booming. There are numerous individuals who are subject to use the internet for making purchases. There are great style choices and an assortment that doesn’t compared to normal shopping. There are a lot of stores online that offer style extras. In this manner, you will get an assortment of choices far and wide. Regardless of whether you are searching for earrings, rings, watches, scarves, or pieces of jewelry, you will find your desired selection on the web.

So you can always find a new watch and a handbag you can use every day that actually changes your look so accessories continue to be vitally important to your look. Which I think is very important.

Many high-end luxury brands are dependent on the wealthy consumers, have suffered drastically lately as sales growth starts to slow. Other retailers already have seen consumer spending less on luxury high goods.

You can find designs that are both wearable

Make Your Own Wooden Beads

Wood_Beads_1905-1You can easily purchase wooden beads. They are available at the majority of locations that sell jewelry making supplies. They are mass produced using machines that punch them out in uniform sizes and shapes. Most people purchase their wooden beads, but have you ever considered the fact that before these machines were created people made wooden beads at home using simple tools?

Wooden beads that are made at home will not be perfectly uniform in size and shape like the mass produced ones are. The beads will however be just as beautiful, durable, and they may even be more precious to you because you made them yourself.

To start making your beads you will need to gather some twigs from a tree. You do not want twigs that have already fallen off of the tree because the wood in those twigs will have already dried out and be more brittle than the green wood of a freshly cut twig. Your twigs will need to be about a half an inch in diameter. You can make beads from larger

Designer Jewelry Is It Worth It

images (38)There is no argument over the fact that jewelry happens to be one of the top favorite accessories of women. There is hardly a woman on this planet that is not fond of jewelry. However, it is indispensable to state that choosing the jewelry is not as easy of a task as it may seem to be. Specifically when it comes to choosing the designer jewelry.

There are so many brands, designs, qualities etc. that it is rather common for an ordinary individual to be completely baffled when it comes to choosing one. But before moving on to the step of choosing the brand, it is of prime importance that you are familiar with the benefits that the designer jewelry has to offer. While the entire list of benefits that it has to offer may be beyond the scope of this article, a few of the prominent benefits may include and are not confined to the following.

One of the first and the foremost benefit that the designer jewelry is able to provide is that it ensures that you have gotten your hands on the masterpiece. It

Handcrafted Jewellery Enhance Your Style Today

unduhan (29)The way you dress and present yourself can be very important. People who are content with the way they look and are confident with their sense of style feel much better as well as being happier.

However, every now and then, even after you have established your identity and style, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right outfit and look for each and every day. Even if you constantly recycle the clothes in your wardrobe in different combinations this too can become can become boring after a while. And since not everyone has a ton of extra money to spend on new outfits all the time finding other avenues to look good is worth the effort.

Thankfully there’s no need to worry, there are plenty of ways to change up your looks with the right choice of accessories without needing to change your wardrobe. The right pieces of elegant and handcrafted jewellery can make all of the difference in your look, transforming you from casual to sophisticated! It’s worth investing in some jewellery that will easily and quickly change your looks from casual to smart or