How to Identify Real Sterling Silver Jewelry From Silver Plating

unduhan (35)Sterling silver is a type of metal used to manufacture jewelry, tableware and other items. But since pure silver is too soft to manipulate on its own, it is normally mixed with other metals that are more durable, such as copper and nickel. For a certain item to be considered as true sterling silver, it should be at least.925 pure silver, and the remaining.075 may consist of other types of metals.

Sometimes a particular item have an overlay of real silver on top of other non-silver metal. This is referred to as silver plating and it isn’t considered sterling silver. The silver coating will be worn away in years of use, exposing the metal underneath which is lesser quality.

So if you are thinking of investing on sterling silver jewelry or want to get one as a gift for your loved one, keep in mind the following guidelines to determining true sterling silver from silver plated:

1. The first thing you have to look for when you are identifying genuine sterling silver is the authenticating mark. When true silver is created, often it is engraved with a marking like Sterling 925, 9.25 Sterling, or S/S. On jewelries, such marking is normally etched on the clasp; on flatware, the marking is engraved on the utensil’s underside. An item without such marking is rarely the real thing.
2. Closely examine the colouring of the item. Typically, real silver is shiny and cooler in colour compared to silver coating. If you notice certain spots or areas where the silver appears to have flaked off or worn away, the item is perhaps not the real thing.

3. Rub the item using a soft, light coloured cloth. If you see black marks on the cloth, the item is most probably true sterling silver. This is because genuine silver tarnishes and oxidizes when exposed to air, and the smear will be rubbed off onto the soft cloth when the item is polished with it.

4. Your last resort is to take the item to a pawn shop or a jewelry store. Ask to have it tested. They normally use nitric acid, a harsh industrial chemical that will discolour materials that are not silver, because it contains a high level of copper. Since the substance will create a permanent green spot on a silver-plated item, make sure you have the chemical applied on an inconspicuous spot.

Choosing The Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring, A Simple Guide

unduhan (34)I once walked into a jewelry store and asked the jeweler what he noticed about couples as they browsed the inventory of engagement rings. He told me that the most significant thing he notices is that men are generally much more concerned about the specifics of the stone (carat, color, clarity and cut) and the women are generally so much more concerned about the setting! Though they want a sparkling stone, the overall look on their hand is what matters the most. With that in mind, here are some helpful things to think about when you are making this very important purchase.

Be observant – Does she currently tend to wear small everyday rings or large ones? Do they rise high off her hand or sit low? The answer to these questions can give you an idea what style of vintage setting she might like most. Many Victorian engagement rings are detailed with hand chased carving and have stones that sit low to the hand in a more subtle manner, while others like some filigree and solitaire settings can have the stone sitting high off the hand and they command more attention.

Consider her hand size – Does she have small hands? Does she have large hands? A large ring on a small hand can overwhelm it. Likewise a more petite engagement ring can get lost on a larger hand. I’m not talking about ring size here, though that is important of course (get a relative or close friend to sneakily find this out for you if you don’t know it)… but rather I am talking about overall hand size. If you need a ring that has a lot of presence on the hand but you don’t have the budget for a large diamond, consider a cluster of diamonds for her ring! Lots of sparkle, wonderful presence and there are some absolutely striking antique and vintage settings that hold multiple somewhat smaller stones and still provide tons of sparkly bling.

Consider your metal choice – Find out what she likes in terms of metal. Choices can include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum to name some of the most common. Many Art Deco rings are also found in two tone yellow and white gold which is very popular. Again, be observant and see what she currently wears. It can be a good clue to what she would like!

Consider the stone – Does she want a diamond or a non-traditional gemstone? It is still of course very popular to have a diamond engagement ring (after all they are a girl’s best friend), however many other stones are now very popular due to celebrities and other famous people wearing them. Sapphires are very popular (princess Diana had a gorgeous blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of white diamonds), also yellow sapphires are in vogue (recently made popular by Jenny McCarthy’s ring). Another very popular choice is aquamarine, usually a lovely light blue color and a good quality stone is nice and clear and when cut well it sparkles nicely. Before you make a purchase, be sure you know whether a traditional diamond engagement ring is what is wanted or something non-traditional!

Antique and vintage engagement rings are the best way to find that very unique and special ring at an amazing price point with wonderful history. They are often more appealing to many women because they are unique and not run of the mill rings that everyone else is wearing. Remember, style tends to be the most important factor to women. With these tips in mind, start your search, relax and that perfect ring is always the one that you picked out for her!


Information About Egyptian Jewellery

unduhan (33)The legacy of Pharaonic Egypt includes jewelry making, which can be traced as far back as four thousand years ago. Egyptian royalty and aristocracy adorned themselves with necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, headdresses, amulets, and pins inlaid with precious stones and made from solid gold and silver. There were many materials available for jewelry makers, but gold was the first choice and it was used quite extensively for thousands of years. Bronze came next, and it was often used with gold leaf. Some pieces of jewelry were made from metal and ivory. During the Middle Kingdom, worked glass found their way in jewelry making, because they were easier to work with than hard gemstones.

Ordinary citizens of Ancient Egypt were also clad in colorful adornments. They wore accessories made with pottery beads of different colors. Anyone who could afford to buy jewelry wore as many pieces as they possibly could. In Ancient Egypt, wearing bracelets high on the arm was very fashionable, as well as wearing anklets and ring with huge stones. It was customary for women to wear highly adorned hairpins or headbands, and a pair of large earrings.

Egyptian men and women were very conscious of how they were perceived by others. They cared for their appearance and spent hours on end bathing and cleaning themselves. They used various cosmetic products on their skin. The women wore perfume made from the most fragrant oils, while the men shaved their beards and and heads.

Egyptian society believed that having opulent collections of precious objects and building monuments secured their place in society. Wealth was synonymous to power, and it was important to amass riches because it gave them dominion and the right to rule, but it was important in the after-life as well.

The pieces that were most favored are pieces of jewelry with religious themes. The Egyptian elite were very fond of wearing jewelry made with exquisite designs and adorned with amethyst, carnelian, turquoise, jasper, malachite, and lapis lazuli, which has to be imported from the Middle East. Turquoise was a perennial favorite among the members of the Pharaoh’s house because of its blue shade, which was the color that represented royalty.

These were fashioned to represent the gods and goddesses that they worshiped. Symbols that reflect Egyptian beliefs were popular as well, including the shen ring, which signifies eternity and the Isis knot. The symbol of life, the ankh is one of the most common designs seen in those days. Some of the most respected and valued members of Ancient Egyptian society were the jewelry makers who spent their days carving soft stones with flint or emery fragments and shaping precious gems with rotary tools.

Carvings called “glypic art” made use of anthropomorphic symbols from the religion practiced by the Egyptians such as scarab beetles. Mythic and real animals that are made with stunning colors and stunning shapes were some of the most treasured possessions of the nobility. All these accompanied the owner to the grave so that he or she can use them in the afterlife.

Learning About Different Types Of Earring Hooks

earrings12If you want to make earrings, you will need to buy or make some earring hooks. These components allow you to thread the earrings safely and securely through your piercing hole. If you have used good quality earring hooks, then they will also help to ensure that your earrings sits or hangs correctly, so that it will look the way that you intend it to look. Here is some information about the different types of earring hooks that are available, so you will be able to make an informed choice about what sort of hooks you will need to buy or make for your piece of jewelry.

Fish hooks
These earring hooks are shaped like a fish hook. They slot easily through the piercing hole in the ear and will allow the earring to hang downwards. This type of hook is most commonly used on drop earrings. Because of the length of the hook and the slight curve of the wire, a back section is not usually required for this type of hook. The simplistic design of these components means that it is very easy to make your own with a bit of polished jewelry making wire, if you would like to have a go. However, if you would prefer to buy them, they are widely available from jewelry supplies stores and online.

Butterfly Back
With these “earring hooks”, the “hook” that goes through the ear lobe is actually straight, so the earring needs to be secured on another way. Therefore, a backing known as a “butterfly” is put on at the reverse of the ear, to help to keep the earring in place. It is known as a butterfly because of its shape. These types of backings are most commonly used for stud type earrings or smaller earrings, where a complete hook would be too big to look normal. These backs are hard for amateur jewelry makers to create themselves, so most people choose to buy them. It is possible to just purchase the butterfly backing components.

Latch back
This type of earring hook is normally used on hoop earrings. The closing component is on a latch which can be open and shut to allow the earring to be inserted, secured or removed. Because they are part of a full circle, they need no back.

Clip-ons or magnetic clasps
Whilst these fastenings are not technically hooks, they are still a valid choice when you are making earrings. They allow people to wear earrings even if they do not have pierced ears, because they allow the earring to just gently clip on to the ear lobe, either using a sprung mechanism or semi-strong magnets. If you choose to buy magnetic earring clasps, then you should be careful to keep them away from children, as these clasps can be very dangerous if swallowed. You also need to take care when you are fixing these magnetic clasps to your earring backs, because if you get the polarity of the magnets wrong, they can end up repelling each other, instead of attracting each other.