Introduction to Crystals

unduhan (40)Crystals can either form in a few minutes or many years under immense pressure.

The many crystals we see are formed by extremely small blocks of atoms. Salt is one of the simple forms of crystal that is made from chlorine and sodium atoms. If one could look at the salt crystal under a microscope he can be able to see it looking like a small cube.

Crystals come in multiple forms other than the cubes. For example, amethysts and rubies are in triangular in shape. Their unit cells are more complicated than in salt and they have a different shape. Atoms will attach themselves together in a regular pattern that you can see the crystals.

One form of crystal is quartz – believed by many to possess a certain kind of power that may bring some sort of magic. The functionality is time and again associated with the utilization in metaphysics and chakra healing. Quartz are also patented with the healing and magical property utilization in science and electronics. Quartz can come in different sizes, shape and indications. The most commonly used crystals by humans are quartz, Gemini and tiger eye.

Crystals can help you in clearing the mind from any stress. Some also carry a crystal while driving so as to keep safe. Crystals also have a power to attract good luck, wealth, keep the evil away and protect your family and friends.

Crystals not only boosts your self-esteem but they also promote your clarity of intention.The tiger eye crystal for example, is highly respected and appreciated by those who wear it for its healing power and benefits. It drives your will towards success again it encourages your passion for life.

Crystals are supposed to be cleansed first before sending it to a new place or giving it to someone as a present. This helps in preventing it from carrying and transferring negative energies. There are multiple ways to cleanse a crystal. You could keep the crystal in salt water for a night so as to recharge the energy. After which, wash it in fresh water and place it in the sun for about 3 hours. By doing this will allow the user to get their inner light and strength. Alternatively, you could just use a singing bowl-bronze or crystal should work just fine.
Many individuals regardless of their sex or age like to use crystals for multiple reasons. Africans, for example, use crystals to ward off black magic. They believe that curses exist often walk around with the tiger’s eye crystals as protection.

Crystals are often place crystals in one’s work space, home, or simply worn on as jewellery.

Of course, apart from Quartz, one can consider the many other groups of crystals as well.


Choosing The Best Vintage Style Necklaces For Your Collection

Fashion-vintage-elephant-necklace-Vintage-necklaces-Jewelry-wholesale-for-women-CRYSTAL-SHOP-M13Most people who are new to the vintage style of fashion find it very difficult to identify genuine vintage jewelry items. Many buyers have ended up disappointed after realizing that they paid good money for items that were essentially worthless. Before you end up with items that are really reproductions, it is a good idea to get as much information as you can about vintage jewelry. Do some research about the type of pieces you are looking for and find out the difference between antique, vintage, reproduction, and statement jewelry.

Determine what you want

When you decide to invest in vintage jewelry, you need to know that there are many options to choose. The fact is that you can get almost any style that suits your taste and personality. If you decide to buy online vintage style necklaces wholesale, you can find pieces that will suit any occasion. Determine if you are looking for jewelry pieces from a specific era or you want items designed for occasions. In the past, jewelry items were created for specific occasions and knowing this can prove to be useful.

Knowing the different styles

When shopping for vintage necklaces, brooches and other items, you need to know a few facts. Some terms that you need to be familiar with include Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Bohemian, New Look, New Wave and Mod and Hippie. You need to know that there are different qualities when it comes to vintage jewelry. The different qualities include regular, heirloom, reproduction, shop, new vintage and poor quality. Knowing the current fashion trends will make shopping easier.

The different materials

You can buy vintage necklaces and other items that are designed for specific occasions such as weddings, formal occasions, going to work, casual afternoon, tea party, and anything else. Vintage fashion necklaces come in different styles and materials. Some of the popular materials include rhinestone, cameo, crystal, enamel, stainless steel and Bakelite. You can also find new jewelry items made with plastic, glass and rhinestone.

The cost of the items

When buying fashion jewelry, the cost is a huge consideration factor. The best quality vintage items are not necessarily cheap, but you can also get affordable items if you are looking for the newer styles. If you are looking for unique pieces, invest in heirloom quality so that you can get an item that you will treasure for a long time. The age of the vintage item and who made it will determine the cost. Shopping from the best online store will help to ensure that you get the best items.

The World of Fashion Jewellery and Its Types

unduhan (39)Fashion jewellery are of different types. The prize of these fashion accessories vary depending on its makers. In order for you to look stylish it is vital that you choose jewellery that suits you with respect to the age and your personality. It is also important to consider the occasion in which the jewellery is worn. Some traditional jewellery are always in vogue and are considered classics. These would never go out of style. It is also vital that you consider the size of the earring you wear which has to be proportionate to the wearer’s face size.

Jewellery can come in different shapes and sizes and they can be of different types as well. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and finger rings are a few different types of jewellery. Earrings can be of different kinds like drops, hoops, studs and chandeliers. A different kind of jewellery that is not as expensive as metals is the costume jewellery. These can be made using inexpensive material like wood, plastic as well as shells. You can even find costume jewellery plated with silver and gold which gives you a trendy look and also is far less expensive than their original counterparts such as gold and silver.

The most sought after jewellery are the ones that are made of silver, platinum or gold. These are very expensive and also made of precious stones. It is best to purchase fine jewellery from reputed jewellers as there are lots of imitations available in the market these days and it is easy to be fooled by fakes.

Fashion jewellery can help in producing optical illusions like making a neck that is slender look wider and vice a versa. It is mandatory that you ensure that the jewellery you wear coordinates with the clothing. Jewellery can also be in the form of cuff links that replace buttons on the wrist of the shirt and lapel pins can be worn on the lapel.

One of the most common pieces of jewellery is the necklace which comes in the form of a locket, choker, chain, multi-strands and pendants. These are just a few of the different types of necklaces available. Bracelets worn on the hands come in the form of cuff bracelet, bangles and charms. Wearing rings is an art by itself. It is vital that you wear rings that are proportionate. The rings again come in different forms such as dome rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, adjustable rings and solitaire.

The most amazing jewellery is usually made of precious or semi precious stones. The semi precious stones are the second most preferred with the first being precious stones. The different precious stones are ruby, diamonds, emerald and sapphire. Similarly, the semi precious stones are turquoise, topaz, amethyst and garnet.

Tips On Buying And Storing Wholesale Charms

unduhan (38)Wholesale charms will save you a lot of money if you make jewelry items for personal use, to give as gifts, or to sell. When you buy wholesale charms the pieces will cost less so the final product will have cost less to produce.

Buying Wholesale Charms Online

Find an online merchant that carries the type of charms that you are interested in buying. You can type the words “wholesale charms online” into the search box of your favorite internet browser to begin a general search.

You can narrow your search by putting in wooden charms, or metal charms. This will give the search engine more information so it can determine what websites will be most likely to have the items you are searching for.

When you find the suppliers that carry the items you like then you need to compare three to five of the suppliers and determine which one has the right merchandise, at the right price. You compare online suppliers by checking to see how much each charm is priced. Some of the things to consider when comparing suppliers are:

• How much the supplier charges for shipping and handling of the items?

• Does the supplier accept the method of payment you are most comfortable with? Some people like to pay by credit card while other people prefer to use electronic checks, and some people prefer that every transaction go through a website like PayPal.

• Does the supplier take returns?

• How long is supposed to be before you receive your shipment of charms

Once you have chosen a supplier for your online purchases you might want to gather a group of friends and buy in larger quantities. Pieces are generally cheaper when you buy a lot of them at one time. When several people join together and make an order then instead of order a few dozen items they can order a few hundred dozen and reduce their overall price per piece. If you sell the items you make that means the profit you make per item will be greater because the materials cost you less.

Storing Wholesale Charms For Later Use

One of the best ways to store these items is in snack bags. Snack bags are like sandwich bags that zip closed. They are small, they are light, and they are inexpensive. You can put several of the snack bags filled with jewelry making supplies into a shoebox to make it easy to store the bags under your bed, or on a shelf.

You can use baby food jars that have been washed and rinsed to store your supplies on a shelf. These jars are usually made of clear glass, they are small, and they are perfectly shaped for stacking on a shelf. You can easily see what jewelry making supplies is in each of the jars.

Baby wipes come in plastic containers. These containers will hold your jewelry making supplies and they are easy to stack up on a shelf. The majority of these plastic containers are white so they can easily be written on with a permanent marker.


The Beauty Of Fake Pearl Jewelry

unduhan (37)Pearl jewelry has long symbolized class and sophistication. Only the wealthiest people had the finances to purchase a string of matching natural pearls that were priced for their low production. Once cultured pearls became available, owning pearls became an option available to more women. Today, imitation, man-made or simulated pearls are available for use in jewelry to provide wearers with a cheap alternative to the other options they have in jewelry.

Simulated Pearls

There are a number of ways that manmade pearls are made. One of these is from fish scales. In water, these scales have a pearly appearance from a substance that floats to the surface of the water. When the substance is mixed with varnish, it can be used to coat glass beads on the inside and then they are filled with wax to make simulated pearls.

A more popular way of making simulated pearls for pearl jewelry is by coating the outside of plastic or glass beads with pearl or d’orient powder. Plastic beads are first tumbled in wet powdered pumice to smooth the surface before being dipped into a solution of pearl film. The more times the fake pearl is dipped in the solutions, the more valuable it will be. After receiving a final polish, the pearls are ready to be used in jewelry.

Real or Genuine VS Fake or Simulated

For people who are interested in buying real or genuine pearls, being careful about the labeling and who the purchase is made from is important to prevent paying more than the pearls are worth or getting something that is not really genuine. When purchasing cheap fashion jewelry, there is no need to worry about guidelines or real value. Although a jeweler can tell the difference between real and fake pearls, the better quality or simulated pearls look real to most people. Those that are used in costume jewelry not only do not have to look real, but may be expected to look like the simulated jewels that they are. Even the lowest quality synthetic pearls have the beauty needed to create attractive and stylish pieces of jewelry.

Pearl Rings

Rings account for some of the most popular types of pearl jewelry available today. From the simplest solitaire to highly intricate designs combined with other semi-precious or synthetic stones, pearl rings are available as valuable fashion statements that are extremely affordable. Pearls may be used as the main feature or as accents to compliment other stones. Pearls can be used to create simple or embellished jewelry that complements an outfit or which is versatile enough for everyday wear.

Fake Colored Pearls

The way that simulated pearls are made allows for them to be produced in a wide range of colors and sizes. This offers jewelry designers even more versatility for designing a wide variety of pearl jewelry. Soft pink, bold black and many shades in-between make pearls the ideal tool for creating jewelry to coordinate with the latest trends. Like all fashion jewelry that made with manmade pearls is affordable enough to put aside once it is no longer fashionable.

How to Make a Beaded Necklace

unduhan (36)A beaded necklace! Well making it can be much easier than you think it is. Here’s how.

Step 1

Look for wire, possibly stainless steel, coated with nylon. Or you can look for silk cords, which come in several different varieties of colors and thicknesses.

Step 2

Before you cut in to your string, check the length of your necklace with an extra 4-8 inches. Make sure you have enough to clasp the stringing materials.

Step 3

Now add 2 crimp beads, 1 clasp and the beads to build the necklace to it.

Step 4

Now put on the beads on the threading material. First use a tiny bead, followed by a crimping bead and thereby followed by other beads in one inch gaps.

Step 5

One end of the clasp is to be placed after the crimp bead, making a loop with the stringing material.

Step 6

Now you have to place the end of the stringing material, through the clasp, followed by the bead-crimp-bead situation, followed by using the crimping tool/chain to put the beads in place. One dot of glue might be helpful, if you are using bead thread. If the beads are just left on the stringing material, it might cause them to rub against each other causing the necklace to break.

Step 7

Choosing the beads and the layout of your design is essential before the stringing process, the use of a beading board can be beneficial allowing the design to be laid out and also measured, before stringing is completed.

Step 8

After you are satisfied, just string them onto the necklace with just about a 3-4 inches gap in the end.

Step 9

Next take a jump ring and using the bead-crimp-bead combo, try and push the remaining stringing materials into the holes of the bead just below the crimp bead.

Do not pull the threading material too tight. A small amount of slack must be left in the necklace. This leaves room for the beads to rotate and move on, ensuring they do not rub against each other, way too much. If the beading is done too tight, the round feeling to the necklace will be lost, and it might look angular instead.

Step 10

Now crimp the second end, followed by cutting the stringing material with slush cutters. Cutting the wire too close to the crimp bead is not recommended. Leaving 1 inch of space is essential, as insurance to carefully hide the bead holes against breakage.

And there, your beaded necklace is ready!


Creative Bracelet Clasps To Give Your Jewelry A Unique Look

images (39)No matter which type of bracelet you are going to create, clasps are an integral element that you will be using in your creation. Today, you can find bracelet clasps in a variety of sizes, shapes and even colors. When making a bracelet, bringing both the ends to a secure close is utmost important, but you must also keep in mind that the clasps you use don’t have to serve functional purpose only.

There are many designs and types of bracelet clasps you can use. Previously, clasps were made for functional purpose only. They looked boring and people would always try to hide them as they would spoil the look of the bracelet. This problem doesn’t exist anymore because nowadays clasps are designed to enhance the overall look of the bracelet.

You can choose from many different types of clasps. But in this article, we will take a look at some of the creative types of bracelet clasps available which can give your jewelry a unique look.

Ribbon clasps

You can make your own ribbon clasps when you are finished beading your bracelet. With so many colors and types of ribbons available, you can make attractive clasps out of them. They are creative and look stunning as well. Although they may not be a practical closure, but they can be very secure depending on how you use them with your bracelet. They are also fun to work with and can be used in a number of ways. You can even form patterns such as bows which look extremely beautiful.

Beaded clasps

Beaded clasps are also popular when making bracelets. They are creative and fun and they work wonderfully for all types of bracelets. If you are a beadweaver, you can make your own beaded clasps for your bracelet. But, if you are not, you can easily purchase them online or from a crafts store. There are many different types and colors of beaded clasps available which you can choose from.


Buttons make wonderful clasps for bracelets as well. But, one thing that you must keep in mind is that while they are creative, they are not easy to work with. Buttons are available in many different sizes, colors and shapes and you can choose ones that match your bracelet. They are also available in various materials which give you more flexibility. Wider buttons are more suitable as bracelet clasps because they tend to be more secure. When you use small ones, you risk losing your bracelet because they can open easily. You can use button on one side of the bracelet and a loop of beaded beads on the other. So you can insert the button into the beaded loop and secure your bracelet.


Costume Jewelry Care Guide

Costume-jewellery-9For thousands of years costume jewelry has been very popular around the world. It is widely believed that the Egyptian Cleopatra was one of the original wearers of what we in modern times call costume jewelry.

Designing intricate patterns in glass beads in more recent times is a skill that was highly developed by the people of Germanic and Slovak regions.

Beadwork in costume jewelry is not limited to only glass. It is also often created with non-precious metals with or without stones or beads. This metal is silver or gold-plated to give it the fine jewelry look.

A very large variety of other materials are used. You can find costume jewelry that is entirely made of or has some components made from pottery, ceramic, horn, coral, ivory, tortoiseshell, pearls and the list goes on.

In more modern pieces you will find plastics, nylon, and polycarbonate variants used to make beads and stones.

Whether you like to collect antique, period, or contemporary costume jewelry cleaning your pieces regularly is important to protect your collection. Cleaning is a simple process and will prevent your costume jewelry pieces from tarnishing.

When cleaning your jewelry items you can use a mild detergent mixed in water. It is very important not to ever submerge or soak your jewelry. This is especially important with rhinestone jewelry. Some rhinestones have a foil back to make the glitter more. If moisture gets back there it can turn your rhinestones dark ruining the piece.

Personally, I prefer to use alcohol and cotton swabs to clean the pieces. Using cotton swabs that are not too wet simply go over the jewelry piece lightly. Alcohol dries quickly and the less exposure to moisture the better.

When storing your jewelry for a long period you can buy anti tarnish paper to wrap the pieces in. This will help protect your collection and thus your investment, but regular cleaning should still be practiced.

Since costume jewelry uses non-precious metals some people cannot wear it due to adverse reactions to their skin. People who are allergic to nickel or copper should generally avoid wearing this type of jewelry.

If you have never worn costume jewelry keep an eye out for allergic reactions and discomfort. Sometimes these reactions only appear when a piece of jewelry is worn for a long period. There is a special coating that you can buy and apply it to the piece that will protect your skin and prevent it from having direct contact with the metals.

How to Identify Real Sterling Silver Jewelry From Silver Plating

unduhan (35)Sterling silver is a type of metal used to manufacture jewelry, tableware and other items. But since pure silver is too soft to manipulate on its own, it is normally mixed with other metals that are more durable, such as copper and nickel. For a certain item to be considered as true sterling silver, it should be at least.925 pure silver, and the remaining.075 may consist of other types of metals.

Sometimes a particular item have an overlay of real silver on top of other non-silver metal. This is referred to as silver plating and it isn’t considered sterling silver. The silver coating will be worn away in years of use, exposing the metal underneath which is lesser quality.

So if you are thinking of investing on sterling silver jewelry or want to get one as a gift for your loved one, keep in mind the following guidelines to determining true sterling silver from silver plated:

1. The first thing you have to look for when you are identifying genuine sterling silver is the authenticating mark. When true silver is created, often it is engraved with a marking like Sterling 925, 9.25 Sterling, or S/S. On jewelries, such marking is normally etched on the clasp; on flatware, the marking is engraved on the utensil’s underside. An item without such marking is rarely the real thing.
2. Closely examine the colouring of the item. Typically, real silver is shiny and cooler in colour compared to silver coating. If you notice certain spots or areas where the silver appears to have flaked off or worn away, the item is perhaps not the real thing.

3. Rub the item using a soft, light coloured cloth. If you see black marks on the cloth, the item is most probably true sterling silver. This is because genuine silver tarnishes and oxidizes when exposed to air, and the smear will be rubbed off onto the soft cloth when the item is polished with it.

4. Your last resort is to take the item to a pawn shop or a jewelry store. Ask to have it tested. They normally use nitric acid, a harsh industrial chemical that will discolour materials that are not silver, because it contains a high level of copper. Since the substance will create a permanent green spot on a silver-plated item, make sure you have the chemical applied on an inconspicuous spot.

Choosing The Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring, A Simple Guide

unduhan (34)I once walked into a jewelry store and asked the jeweler what he noticed about couples as they browsed the inventory of engagement rings. He told me that the most significant thing he notices is that men are generally much more concerned about the specifics of the stone (carat, color, clarity and cut) and the women are generally so much more concerned about the setting! Though they want a sparkling stone, the overall look on their hand is what matters the most. With that in mind, here are some helpful things to think about when you are making this very important purchase.

Be observant – Does she currently tend to wear small everyday rings or large ones? Do they rise high off her hand or sit low? The answer to these questions can give you an idea what style of vintage setting she might like most. Many Victorian engagement rings are detailed with hand chased carving and have stones that sit low to the hand in a more subtle manner, while others like some filigree and solitaire settings can have the stone sitting high off the hand and they command more attention.

Consider her hand size – Does she have small hands? Does she have large hands? A large ring on a small hand can overwhelm it. Likewise a more petite engagement ring can get lost on a larger hand. I’m not talking about ring size here, though that is important of course (get a relative or close friend to sneakily find this out for you if you don’t know it)… but rather I am talking about overall hand size. If you need a ring that has a lot of presence on the hand but you don’t have the budget for a large diamond, consider a cluster of diamonds for her ring! Lots of sparkle, wonderful presence and there are some absolutely striking antique and vintage settings that hold multiple somewhat smaller stones and still provide tons of sparkly bling.

Consider your metal choice – Find out what she likes in terms of metal. Choices can include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum to name some of the most common. Many Art Deco rings are also found in two tone yellow and white gold which is very popular. Again, be observant and see what she currently wears. It can be a good clue to what she would like!

Consider the stone – Does she want a diamond or a non-traditional gemstone? It is still of course very popular to have a diamond engagement ring (after all they are a girl’s best friend), however many other stones are now very popular due to celebrities and other famous people wearing them. Sapphires are very popular (princess Diana had a gorgeous blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of white diamonds), also yellow sapphires are in vogue (recently made popular by Jenny McCarthy’s ring). Another very popular choice is aquamarine, usually a lovely light blue color and a good quality stone is nice and clear and when cut well it sparkles nicely. Before you make a purchase, be sure you know whether a traditional diamond engagement ring is what is wanted or something non-traditional!

Antique and vintage engagement rings are the best way to find that very unique and special ring at an amazing price point with wonderful history. They are often more appealing to many women because they are unique and not run of the mill rings that everyone else is wearing. Remember, style tends to be the most important factor to women. With these tips in mind, start your search, relax and that perfect ring is always the one that you picked out for her!