Choosing The Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring, A Simple Guide

unduhan (34)I once walked into a jewelry store and asked the jeweler what he noticed about couples as they browsed the inventory of engagement rings. He told me that the most significant thing he notices is that men are generally much more concerned about the specifics of the stone (carat, color, clarity and cut) and the women are generally so much more concerned about the setting! Though they want a sparkling stone, the overall look on their hand is what matters the most. With that in mind, here are some helpful things to think about when you are making this very important purchase.

Be observant – Does she currently tend to wear small everyday rings or large ones? Do they rise high off her hand or sit low? The answer to these questions can give you an idea what style of vintage setting she might like most. Many Victorian engagement rings are detailed with hand chased carving and have stones that sit low to the hand in a more subtle manner, while others like some filigree and solitaire settings can have the stone sitting high off the hand and they command more attention.

Consider her hand size – Does she have small hands? Does she have large hands? A large ring on a small hand can overwhelm it. Likewise a more petite engagement ring can get lost on a larger hand. I’m not talking about ring size here, though that is important of course (get a relative or close friend to sneakily find this out for you if you don’t know it)… but rather I am talking about overall hand size. If you need a ring that has a lot of presence on the hand but you don’t have the budget for a large diamond, consider a cluster of diamonds for her ring! Lots of sparkle, wonderful presence and there are some absolutely striking antique and vintage settings that hold multiple somewhat smaller stones and still provide tons of sparkly bling.

Consider your metal choice – Find out what she likes in terms of metal. Choices can include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum to name some of the most common. Many Art Deco rings are also found in two tone yellow and white gold which is very popular. Again, be observant and see what she currently wears. It can be a good clue to what she would like!

Consider the stone – Does she want a diamond or a non-traditional gemstone? It is still of course very popular to have a diamond engagement ring (after all they are a girl’s best friend), however many other stones are now very popular due to celebrities and other famous people wearing them. Sapphires are very popular (princess Diana had a gorgeous blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of white diamonds), also yellow sapphires are in vogue (recently made popular by Jenny McCarthy’s ring). Another very popular choice is aquamarine, usually a lovely light blue color and a good quality stone is nice and clear and when cut well it sparkles nicely. Before you make a purchase, be sure you know whether a traditional diamond engagement ring is what is wanted or something non-traditional!

Antique and vintage engagement rings are the best way to find that very unique and special ring at an amazing price point with wonderful history. They are often more appealing to many women because they are unique and not run of the mill rings that everyone else is wearing. Remember, style tends to be the most important factor to women. With these tips in mind, start your search, relax and that perfect ring is always the one that you picked out for her!