Introduction to Crystals

unduhan (40)Crystals can either form in a few minutes or many years under immense pressure.

The many crystals we see are formed by extremely small blocks of atoms. Salt is one of the simple forms of crystal that is made from chlorine and sodium atoms. If one could look at the salt crystal under a microscope he can be able to see it looking like a small cube.

Crystals come in multiple forms other than the cubes. For example, amethysts and rubies are in triangular in shape. Their unit cells are more complicated than in salt and they have a different shape. Atoms will attach themselves together in a regular pattern that you can see the crystals.

One form of crystal is quartz – believed by many to possess a certain kind of power that may bring some sort of magic. The functionality is time and again associated with the utilization in metaphysics and chakra healing. Quartz are also patented with the healing and magical property utilization in science and electronics. Quartz can come in different sizes, shape and indications. The most commonly used crystals by humans are quartz, Gemini and tiger eye.

Crystals can help you in clearing the mind from any stress. Some also carry a crystal while driving so as to keep safe. Crystals also have a power to attract good luck, wealth, keep the evil away and protect your family and friends.

Crystals not only boosts your self-esteem but they also promote your clarity of intention.The tiger eye crystal for example, is highly respected and appreciated by those who wear it for its healing power and benefits. It drives your will towards success again it encourages your passion for life.

Crystals are supposed to be cleansed first before sending it to a new place or giving it to someone as a present. This helps in preventing it from carrying and transferring negative energies. There are multiple ways to cleanse a crystal. You could keep the crystal in salt water for a night so as to recharge the energy. After which, wash it in fresh water and place it in the sun for about 3 hours. By doing this will allow the user to get their inner light and strength. Alternatively, you could just use a singing bowl-bronze or crystal should work just fine.
Many individuals regardless of their sex or age like to use crystals for multiple reasons. Africans, for example, use crystals to ward off black magic. They believe that curses exist often walk around with the tiger’s eye crystals as protection.

Crystals are often place crystals in one’s work space, home, or simply worn on as jewellery.

Of course, apart from Quartz, one can consider the many other groups of crystals as well.