Tips On Buying And Storing Wholesale Charms

unduhan (38)Wholesale charms will save you a lot of money if you make jewelry items for personal use, to give as gifts, or to sell. When you buy wholesale charms the pieces will cost less so the final product will have cost less to produce.

Buying Wholesale Charms Online

Find an online merchant that carries the type of charms that you are interested in buying. You can type the words “wholesale charms online” into the search box of your favorite internet browser to begin a general search.

You can narrow your search by putting in wooden charms, or metal charms. This will give the search engine more information so it can determine what websites will be most likely to have the items you are searching for.

When you find the suppliers that carry the items you like then you need to compare three to five of the suppliers and determine which one has the right merchandise, at the right price. You compare online suppliers by checking to see how much each charm is priced. Some of the things to consider when comparing suppliers are:

• How much the supplier charges for shipping and handling of the items?

• Does the supplier accept the method of payment you are most comfortable with? Some people like to pay by credit card while other people prefer to use electronic checks, and some people prefer that every transaction go through a website like PayPal.

• Does the supplier take returns?

• How long is supposed to be before you receive your shipment of charms

Once you have chosen a supplier for your online purchases you might want to gather a group of friends and buy in larger quantities. Pieces are generally cheaper when you buy a lot of them at one time. When several people join together and make an order then instead of order a few dozen items they can order a few hundred dozen and reduce their overall price per piece. If you sell the items you make that means the profit you make per item will be greater because the materials cost you less.

Storing Wholesale Charms For Later Use

One of the best ways to store these items is in snack bags. Snack bags are like sandwich bags that zip closed. They are small, they are light, and they are inexpensive. You can put several of the snack bags filled with jewelry making supplies into a shoebox to make it easy to store the bags under your bed, or on a shelf.

You can use baby food jars that have been washed and rinsed to store your supplies on a shelf. These jars are usually made of clear glass, they are small, and they are perfectly shaped for stacking on a shelf. You can easily see what jewelry making supplies is in each of the jars.

Baby wipes come in plastic containers. These containers will hold your jewelry making supplies and they are easy to stack up on a shelf. The majority of these plastic containers are white so they can easily be written on with a permanent marker.