Use Sieve Ring Blanks To Make Beautiful Flower Rings

unduhan (30)Flower rings are extremely popular these days among both girls and women. With the huge availability of different types of flower beads, it is quite possible to make your own flower rings at home. All you need to do is follow the steps below and you will have a stunning and absolutely gorgeous ring on your finger within no time.

What you need:

• Flower beads
• Threading material
• Sieve ring blanks
• Size 10 beading needle
• 6 crystal beads
• Set of 6 10 mm small leaves
• Pack of seed beads of different sizes if possible


One of the most beautiful types of flower beads that you can find is hydrangeas. You can look for them online or in your craft store. If you don’t find them, you can use any that you like. Choose the color that you want to use in your ring and get the other supplies ready. You will need adjustable sieve ring blanks so the ring fits well on any finger. Even if you plan to give the ring as a gift to someone, you won’t have to worry about the size.

You can make the rings in different colors or even use bead combinations. Take the longest length of thread that you can work with and also make sure that you use pre conditioned threads as they do not require waxing.


• Cut a length of thread, about 2 meters and thread it onto the needle. You must secure the thread to the sieve ring blank before you actually start using the flower beads and other elements. You can take the needle up through one of the holes and bring it down from the other hole. It doesn’t matter which hole you use as long as you secure the thread to the sieve ring blank.

• When you have about 7cm of thread left, then you can take the two ends of the threads and knot them together at the back of the ring blank and take the thread back up through the centre hole.

• Now you can thread the beads in any order that you like. Since we have chosen flower beads and crystal beads, you can keep the crystal beads in the centre of the ring and thread the flower beads on the sides.

• When you start with the flower beads, bring the needle from the bottom of the blank to the top and then insert one flower bead. Place a seed bead on top of the flower bead, but do not thread the bead from the bottom. Take the needle around it and back to the bottom of the blank through the hole in the seed bead. This will help keep both types of beads secure.

• Repeat with the rest of the beads until just the outer holes of the sieve is left. These holes can then be used to attach the leaves to give the flower ring a complete look.